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An airline security expert must take action when he finds himself trapped on a passenger jet when terrorists seize control of it.

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original title: Passenger 57

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller


imdb: 6.1

duration: 1h 24min

tags: He's an ex-cop with a bad mouth, a bad attitude, and a bad seat. For the terrorists on flight 163 . . . he's very bad news.

budget: $15,000,000

keywords: manmurdersawoman, manwearseyeglasses, terrorist, passenger, securityexpert, death, fbi, knockedout, gore, heroism, bravery, courage, unlikelyhero, revenge, slowmotionscene, disguise, femalekiller, thr














































John Cutter is a security expert, who is presently still mourning the death of his wife. His friend, who works for an airline, offers him the job of chief of security, which he accepts. He is then being flown to L.A. for the company's annual meeting, where he will be introduced as the new Chief of Security. But unfortunately for him, Charles Rane, a stoic and deranged terrorist, who was caught by the FBI and is also being flown to L.A. is on the plane. And Rane's people are on board, who then take over the plane but Cutter throws a monkey wrench into his plans. An airline security expert must take action when he finds himself trapped on a passenger jet when terrorists seize control of it. Individually, there's not much to like about Passenger 57. Not a single aspect of the film or its plot is original, its ending is predictable, and the characters would have had more depth as 39-cent keychain action figures. Despite this, or maybe because of it, the film works. You won't be distracted trying to follow this film, nor will your dog, cat, parrot, or just about any living creature with more than three brain cells. That you may have seen this film 23 times on cable in the middle night won't do much to stop the 24th, either.

If there were an Oscar for typecasting, this film would have won easily: Wesley Snipes is John Cutter, the special-ops trained, African American ex-supercop who oozes competence, honesty, ethics, and just about every other characteristic that certain members of the white audience think are exclusive to their race. Facilitating the anti-KKK crusade is sheriff Biggs (Ernie Lively), a Dr. McCoy clone in looks and demeanor who is slightly distrusting of the black Cutter, enough to hint at racism, but not so much that Biggs couldn't redeem himself by reminding his two hick deputies to shoot him if they have to, but only "in the leg" because "he might be telling the truth." That Cutter could call Sly Delvecchio (Tom Sizemore in his less controversial days) from the plane, but Biggs couldn't call him from the airport, drives home once again the message Snipes has been exploiting since White Men Can't Jump. The terrorists who seize the plane appear to have been transported from Die Hard, down to Eurotrash psychopath Charles Rane (Bruce Payne), played in stereotypical fashion by the actor.

We get the normal blend of suspense, thrills, action, and just enough pauses for witty dialogue between hero and villain. We get Robert Hooks as yet another child of affirmative action, the black FBI agent, playing more or less the same character he's played in dozens of films. Elizabeth Hurley as the female terrorist seems a bit out of place, but her main function was as eye candy, so she has a neutral impact. Rounting out the stereotypes are Alex Datcher as the sexy, independent black flight attendant Marti, and love interest for Snipes, as well as reminder of his late wife, and the late Duchess Tomasello as the painfully stereotypical Mrs. Edwards, an elderly, good-hearted, clueless lady who hints at early stage Alzheimer's.

The plot? A plane gets hijacked, with Snipes, the airline's new head of security, on board. He dodges the initial hijacking, and spends the rest of the film taking on the bad guys. This is Die Hard in the air, and it's just about every action and airline film ever made. It's almost a Blackspoitation flick, even though the role of cutter was originally offered to Stallone (the second time he was replaced by an African-American; the first was Beverly Hills Cop). The ending? You'll have to guess.

This is not really that good of a film, but it's a lot easier to watch than it should be. I still watch it from time to time, though usually only in parts. I first have to say that I have seen this movie twice that I know of. Once when it came out in 1992 and found it forgettable. I had not thought about it for several years but decided to DVR it and give it a go, one more time. Well the first thing I have to say about the show is that I found it very obvious as to the racist nature of a lot of the dialog in the movie. Maybe a sign of the times back then, but all of the caucasian people in the movie were either evil or shown as slack jaw idiots. All of the "always bet on black" type of sayings were continuous though the movie. It really took away from the action. You have to say that Wesley Snipes is pretty awesome as an action hero. His martial arts skills come across well on screen. Anyway, I don't review a lot of films but after watching this one I had to say what I felt.


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